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  Can you Conquer Asbestos Testing?

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What is Abestos?

Asbestos is a substance that has been used in the past to assist with pipe insulation. This substance is composed of completely heat-resistant, fibrous silicate minerals and it can be woven into fabrics. It was created with the intention to be used for fire-resistant materials as well as insulating materials. Many properties before the 1990s were built with the help of Asbestos because of its fireproof and chemical proof composition. During extensive research in the 1960s, it was found that Asbestos has great potential to be harmful, only if consumed through inhalation.

Are professionals required?

You can surely test your home for asbestos on your own, however, it is highly recommended that you reach out to a professional. You may start by doing a little research on the history of your home. Asbestos is commonly found in homes that were built from 1929 to 1989. So that is a great place to start. The next thing you will look for is signs of wear and tear on construction materials. If you notice any degrading of these materials it may appear to be signs of cracking, dusty areas and or spots. You may look at floor tiles, flooring, walls, pipes, and stovetop pads to start with. You can then locate an EPA approved contractor that is trained and licensed Asbestos so that your situation may be handled properly.

To completely be honest, yes, you can test Asbestos in your own home. You can find Asbestos do-it-yourself test kits on Amazon. You can also find them in hardware stores near you as well, all it takes is to call around or visit a few stores. Each kit comes with its own rules and guidelines to follow! Happy Testing!

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