Asbestos Testing In Sydney
  Know What Is Asbestos

Asbestos is the fibrous mineral that occurs naturally, that are resistant and flexible for exposure to water, fire, sound, electricity and chemicals—that why were much used for years to build automotive parts, construction materials and even textiles.  

However the fibres those make asbestos separate easily into smallest pieces when damaged or handled. They are too tiny to see, but one can breathe in, where they can probably build in the lungs and cause a disease called asbestosis or mesothelioma and other cancers. The following are some of the items that may contain asbestos; shingles, insulation in attics and walls, siding on houses, car brakes, fabrics that resist heat and vinyl tiles that are used for floors. 

Besides, when deciding to test asbestos, take caution not to tidy up the area or item that you intend that the samples will be collected. Make sure still air in that area to avoid the microscopic fibers to become air-bone, otherwise, you may shut all doors and windows, turn off heaters, fans and air conditioning systems that probably circulate air. Since one can't tell the presence of asbestos by looking at it, hire professional's contractors to do the testing. But you when can choose to test by yourself but take the following precautions. 

When collecting samples ensure the safety, wear gloves, safety glasses, respirators equipment, ensure the loose asbestos fibers are out of the air, through mixing one teaspoon of the liquid dishwashing detergent by lukewarm water in pint-size. Then spray the area. Usually contact the laboratory to advise on how to transport your samples for testing, by two or one weeks later, the lab will determine whether the samples are negative or positive for asbestos.  

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